Trained operating engineers are provided with any operated equipment rental.

We have no predetermined boundaries. Pehal International Transport is able to travel as far as a client needs. Many of our clients are located in UAE but we also serve nearby gulf countries with crane services.

Our operators are well trained to operate our heavy vehicles. We have a company safety program for our employees. However, if you choose to rent the equipment without an operator, we will send a trained professional to your job site to offer instructions to safely operate crane equipment.

Modern mobile hydraulic cranes are capable of safely lifting loads weighing hundreds of tons to heights exceeding 500 feet or about 40 or more stories!

In general, we recommend that a crane, operated by a qualified person, be used to lift any type of large or heavy object. Using other methods may not be safe or legal, and can expose you to safety risks and unexpected liabilities and even devastating losses should your unconventional methods fail or cause injury.

Pehal International Transport rents All Terrain cranes, Truck Mounted Mobile Hydraulic cranes, Rough Terrain cranes, Conventional Crawler cranes and Boom Truck cranes. The type of crane you need depends on many factors including item size, load weight, lift height, physical location access, terrain, access points and the number of lifts needed per day. There are other factors such as access restrictions and surrounding buildings that may also impact the choice of crane. We encourage you to request a quote or call us anytime at +971-4-3307085 so we can help guide you to the right choice for your project.

While most of our customers request equipment with operators, we also can rent some equipment without an operator. Please contact us for additional details and services.

Please try to provide all of the following items:

  • Your contact information including email address and wireless phone number
  • Job site location – physical site address and zip code
  • Items to be lifted
  • Approximate dimensions and weights for each item to be lifted
  • Other lift details – height of building, access points, placement location
  • How long you need a crane to be onsite

Yes. Pehal International Transport maintains an extensive fleet of cranes and certified operators available to support your largest projects, long term needs and multiple physical locations.

At Pehal International Transport, safety is our first priority. Therefore, you must have the necessary training, current certifications, licenses, insurance and recent relevant experience and in many cases qualified assistance staff in order to operate our cranes, trucks, trailers, forklifts or any other equipment or related materials we provide. Even if you possess the necessary licenses and certifications we believe the risk and potential for severe injury is simply not worth any cost savings you might see by attempting to operate any unfamiliar equipment yourself. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at +971-4-3307085.

Yes. Pehal International Transport has the resources to accommodate large, long term projects. We are the choice provider for many of the most prominent engineering and construction companies in our region. Please contact us to discuss your particular project and we would be delighted to share our similar experiences.

While we do offer same-day dispatch, we suggest you reserve your crane, warehouse, trucking or other equipment in advance. Most of our customers schedule from one to several days ahead of need. More complex jobs requiring permits, planning, street closures, pilot and lead cars or job site inspections may require additional lead time.

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