Chairman Desk


Joginder Singh Salaria

Chairman & Managing Director

Pehal International Transport is now recognised throughout the market as the premier heavy haulage transport company. Joginder Singh Salaria has worked closely with all his clients to provide the ultimate experience on some of the toughest moves around UAE and other gulf countries. Unlike traditional Heavy Haulage businesses which focused around the mining sector Joginder identified a boom in the energy and infrastructure market.

With the expansion of the business Joginder knew that along with the investment in quality equipment he would need quality staff that share his passion and vision. A wise man once told Joginder “The best capital to invest in is human capital” Under Joginder’s leadership, his professional team continue to pursue new ventures and opportunities servicing client’s needs. Being the managing director of a large transport business doesn’t mean Joginder has lost touch with what his company is all about. More often than not Joginder can be seen behind the wheel of one of his prize rigs getting back to where it all began!

Since inception, Pehal International Transport has been providing its clients with the flexibility, responsiveness and services they deserve, using our deep operating knowledge to create solutions as unique as per our client’s needs. However, keeping in mind the changing demands and the global economic landscape, Pehal International Transport has invested in people, new technologies and equipments that ensure that its clients achieve their desired goals. “Team Pehal International Transport is committed to exceed clients expectations”. That is why many of our original clients rely on us even now with longer associations.

Short Note

From being the owner and manager of this large, successful transport entity it’s refreshing to look back to a childhood dream and realise its success. I feel that our methods and standards of business have set trends not only in this country but worldwide. This stance will further see Pehal’s footprint and market share expand to new and exciting locations globally